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Hi, I am Tsania Fitra Maulidia, my friends usually call me Tsania. I am a postgraduate student of English Education at IAIN Kediri. I am a person who has many dreams in life and one of them is to study abroad with a full scholarship. In my opinion, going and being able to study abroad with a scholarship is something very difficult. Therefore, I started trying to follow various social media that provide information on how to study abroad to know the various things that must be done and prepared. However, when I read the application requirements, I felt that it would be very difficult to achieve. My motivation dropped and my dreams slowly began to be released so that they wouldn’t become overthoughts for me. But, in all these feelings of despair, there was information about the MOSMA Scholarship (MORA Overseas Student Mobility Awards) offered by KEMENAG (Ministry of Religious Affairs) for student exchange abroad. MOSMA Scholarship is a program implemented by the Ministry of Religious Affairs in cooperation with LPDP for students of Islamic universities. This scholarship is one of the implementation programs of the Merdeka Curriculum in the form of a physical mobility program that provides opportunities for students to study in universities abroad. It is hoped that the scholarship recipients will be able to study abroad for one semester. I felt that this was the opportunity I had been waiting for! I could not contain my excitement. As soon as I found the information, I started to read the requirements carefully. Although I was skeptical about my abilities at first, in the end, I decided not to give up so easily. I realized that this was a rare opportunity, and I tried to complete the requirements.

With determination, I started to prepare everything. I prepared all the necessary documents properly, such as taking the required English test, and medical test, filling out the registration on the website, and so on. Of course, the journey was not easy. There were many hurdles and obstacles to overcome. However, whenever I felt tired and discouraged, I always remembered my big dream of studying abroad. After the required documents were completed, I started uploading them to the website, the time was very tight at the time, but Alhamdulillah I was able to submit everything on time. There was no hope or expectation after submitting the registration. I realized that whatever God’s fate would be, it must be the best.

A few days after that, I received an announcement that I had passed the substance stage and had moved on to the interview stage. Alhamdulillah, I also passed the interview stage smoothly. I waited anxiously for the final announcement. A few weeks later, I opened the results of the final announcement. I still remember opening the announcement website and seeing the words ‘did not pass’ appear. I had mixed feelings, but I tried to be sincere and divert my mind to other things. Not long after that, my good friend suddenly sent me a PDF file of the MOSMA announcement, unexpectedly, it turned out that my name was on the announcement and it turned out that the announcement website was indeed in error.

Tsania_Staff University of Dundee

Finally, I was officially accepted as a MOSMA Scholar to study in the UK! It feels like a dream come true. I am filled with happiness and gratitude. This achievement proves that nothing is impossible if we dare to try and always pray. I will not waste this opportunity and will do my best. I hope that this scholarship will be able to open up opportunities to learn various kinds of things, especially in the world of education, and can inspire others to dare to try the opportunities that come..


Written by Tsania Fitra Maulidia (A Postgraduate student of English Education at IAIN Kediri)

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